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Sciatica: to run or not t run, that is the question!

Sciatica: to run or not t run, that is the question!

Having tweaked my back wrapping Christmas presents on the floor for 4 hors, my back has been fine.

However, I think I've been experiencing sciatica symptoms ever since.

Never had it before but having looked it up, think I've had it for about 2 weeks .

Should I run....?

Was going to return to running after a few weeks break on Monday 6/1/14 and had a program all worked out up to 10 k.

Was going to do one run from each of weeks 1 to 4.

Then week five runs 1,2,and 3 .

Then week 6 run 3 .

Then two week 7 runs.

Then two week 8 runs.

Then three week 9 runs.

Then increase distance by 0.5k on one run a week up to 10k.

I have been running for nearly two years but have fannied about since September.

But the real question is....should I run with sciatica? Xx

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I am not a doctor but I would say that you should find out for sure what the problem is before going out for a run, I have been having physiotherapy for a back problem for nearly a year but I am allowed to run, but if yours turns out to be a disc problem then running could be a really bad idea......go see a physio or GP


Thank you Mummysaurus


As mummysaurus says definitely get it checked out by your GP who can refer you on to an nhs physio if necessary, this is what I did, got sent for x-ray and physio also checked my SI joint stability to rule out a serious problem. The physio may also be able to give you specific exercises to help. Best wishes


Thanks not bad x


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