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first run of the new year....and of the last 3 weeks :/

I was doing really well at the beginning of december, going out twice a week and improving on time and distance. Then work got manic, christmas kicked in and weather and travel mayham meant that I haven't been out since the 13th Dec!

I was fairly sure that if I didn't go out today I would really lose the benefit of all the work i have put in - especially when i realised that i hadn't run for a third of a length of the programme and I know from bitter experience that we lose fitness much faster than we build it up.

Anyway, so off i went. Typically the 30 mins I was out coincided perfectly with a massive downpour, winds, driving rain, thunder and lightning. Awesome. It was a real slog and i was struggling to make it to the end of my route. I managed to do 4.5k in 31 mins which is a fair bit slower than usual but given the weather and the amount of cheese I have consumed in the past week, not too bad.

I did feel pretty chuffed that i pushed on in the rain (although i doubt i would have gone if it had started before i was warming up!)

New years resolution is to run 10k so best get a move on!

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That's brilliant Reyc , really pleased for you . Just shows u don't lose fitness that easily ! Glad about that as it looks like il be that long before my next run . Keep it up .


Brilliant! If you can run through that lot I guess you can run through anything! Well done.


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