Couch to 5K

Big Setback

So I've not been running since the start of November. I had some problems with my knees, and then got very busy with other things, and ended up putting it off.

Today I'm going to the gym, or for a run (not sure which yet!) and was just wondering on where would be the best place to start? I think I was on the end of week 7/start of week 8.

I was thinking of starting on week 5 run 2, or week 6. Am avoiding a full 20 min run just yet as I don't want to push myself and be let down, and dont want to injure myself!

Thanks :)

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oh bless you! I had to take a break a little while back and to be honest, I just went for it on my first run back out and although slower than I was before my break I did manage to keep going for a full 30 minutes. However, I also know that I'm probably the most stubborn person in the world!

If you're worried you might not complete what you intend to do, i.e. 20 minute run why not go back to wk5r1 and see how you feel after that? You can gauge how you feel and then plan to continue from there or repeat that run until your back in your zone.

There's no rush, enjoy what you do and big congratulations on not giving up! Look forward to reading about how things go for you :)


I would probably go out there and just see how far you can "comfortably" run and work it out from there hun you might surprise yourself but if your worried about injuries then why not go on the treadmill?


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