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Another accidental PB

Following a 3 run week last week, my run on Tuesday was tough. Couldn't finish 5k but did manage 3 runs totalling 7.7K so I was reasonably content with that. Today, I wasn't in the mood at all. Took real effort to force myself out of the door and I only did a very short warm-up walk as I thought, 'The sooner I start, the sooner I'll be finished'.

The first 2k was very slow, my heart wasn't in it but having been reading recently that a slow run can be beneficial in itself, I decided I'd just do a slow 3k-ish circuit.

But, then something must have kicked in as I've just got in from a new 10k PB! Just goes to show - no matter how badly the run starts, with a bit of sheer bloodymindedness, there's no telling how it might finish!

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Well done


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