W4 R1 Again!

It was my works Christmas party last night but the new healthy me wasn't drinking but had a great time anyway and was up at 5:30 this morning to do my run. Crazy I know. Run went surprisingly well better than W3 R3 in fact. Just shows how this really works week by week. I gave myself an extra day to recover as I've been fed up of feeling achy when I wake up rather than all rested!

My problem is I can be very good but if I let this healthy lifestyle slip then I am back into my old ways so quickly and it takes me ages to get back to this point. Momentum and targets are important I think and I am

Looking to do my first parkrun in Feb.

Have a good Christmas everyone!

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  • You are showing commitment and reaping the rewards. Well done, stick with it. Parkrun will motivate you and give you an accurate 5k time, so is highly recommended. I believe you are right about targets and you will need to set some when you graduate.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks for the feedback, really looking forward to my first parkrun now!

  • That being healthy stuff gives you a real righteous kick sometimes doesn't it.

  • Ha ha yeah it certainly does!

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