One run to go!

It was a lovely day here on the kent coast, working from home so rewarded myself with a late lunch break and did my run to co-incide with the sun going down. Awesome, the sea was so calm and i didn't even mind having to run through some pretty deep puddles. I'm more worried about running in the summer when it's hot and how i will keep cool. Getting hot and flushed enough now let alone in the height of summer!

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  • Good luck with your final run, I have 2 left to go :) it's getting exciting now I'm so close. Looking forward to getting my shiny graduate badge. I hate the cold but seem to always manage to wrap up too warm for someone who's going running, 3mins in and I'm pulling off the hat and gloves, maybe I might need them when the UK decides to freeze as it will do eventually.

  • Well done both of you on nearing the finish line. It's easy to get too many layers on isn't it,and then being too hot, which is really irritating.

  • Nearly there - congratulations! I'm usually the colour of beetroot by the time I finish even on a frosty morning like today. Good luck with your final run! :)

  • So close! I am so excited for you! Really take in and enjoy the next run - it is an amazing experience :) Can't wait to see that badge :)

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