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Sports asthma?

I graduated July 2012 & apart from a 3 month break from Nov to feb 2013 I regularly run 3 times a week. Im a lot fitter although dont cover huge distances. On average 7 miles a week. I run twice a week with the local running club which has been a huge help. However, I still continue to wheeze sometimes on an easy flat road but more so up a hill. Wondering if I have sports asthma? Never had asthma in my life & dont wheeze when im not running. Does anyone else have this?

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Sorry to hear this. I was diagnosed with asthma about six months after I'd graduated, possibly because I was running longer distances then. However, I've always suffered with bronchitis etc. in the winter after having whooping cough when I was 19, so I guess it follows on. It really annoyed me, though - I was fitter, my recovery rate was vastly improved as were my resting heart rate and my lung capacity! It might be an idea to go and get it checked out with your GP. Hope you get it sorted!


I have no experience of asthma other than through friends/family who have it, but best to get it checked out. You could think about taking up yoga if you don't already do it. It doesn't only support the muscles/joints for running, it can really help some asthma sufferers. The breathing technique you learn strengthens the intercostal muscles (around the ribs) and the diaphragm, allowing more oxygen in.

I focus a lot on breath while I run (I'm an ex-smoker) and my breathing has definitely improved by consciously using my yogic breathing whilst running. It might work for you too.

Hope you can find a solution


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