Really struggled to do 4.12km today!

Braced myself for a damp cold run this morning. Big effort to get out - still feeling delicate with this horrid chesty cold. When the rain started I turned for home, although I did manage to use the park gym on my way back. I'm struggling to keep up the momentum at the moment and feel very weak - hence I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Not sure I should be going out at all in this damp cold weather. Still, today's 'run' has eased the calf muscles which were very painful yesterday!

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  • It's not pleasant running with this weather. I'd probably not have got out from under the duvet if it wasn't for the arrangement I've made to run with a friend. We were both wrapped up with hats, scarves and gloves, then a guy ran past in his shorts!

  • You know what they say? No sense - no feeling! I would have been well wrapped up too!

  • You did well to get out there- especially if you aren't feeling the best. Linda

  • Definately don't beat yourself up. I'm currently feeling too weak to run (some weird dizzy/sickness thingy) but am managing to get outside and walk most days. Figure its better than nothing !

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