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In a way quite glad week 7 is more of the same

When I completed run 3 of week 6 I thought it would be a good idea to repeat this run a couple of times. I then took a look at the Couch to 5k Wall Chart and realised that week 7 is just that...... Phew, quite glad about that as I'm finding the last 5 minutes of the 25 minute run very slow. Honestly, the whole jog is slow but I'm not stopping which is an achievement. It means I'm progressing through the plan which is a huge motivation. Also, the weather in the Midlands hasn't been too cold or wet so far this winter which is a big help in not putting me off! Happy jogging everyone :)

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Yep, you're progressing through the programme nicely. That must make you feel very satisfied with what you've achieved. You're nearly at the end, it's so close now. Exciting times. Graduation is getting closer. Ooooooooooooh are you nervous. LOL


Hello, yes am definitely nervous and excited. Sitting at my desk this morning with big cheesy grin on my face. It does feel like an enormous achievement to have got this far when jogging for a minute at a time was near impossible 7 weeks ago. What a feeling!


I know! I was jogging along shouting "I'm doing it, I'm doing it" a grinning like a mad woman. LOL I just came back from running, still with Laura but I did the "Speed" podcast today


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