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Well, that's week four completed. Eventually

I started the plan ages ago, and then massively sprained my ankle (not whilst running) and had to rest up for a month.

I find I need 2 rest days between runs or it still niggles a bit.

Am hoping that I will be able to fit runs in over the next couple of hectic weeks as I don't want to lose impetus. On the other hand, I am slightly quaking in my boots (or running shoes) about the approaching W5R3. Gulp.

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If you've been looking after yourself and have done week four you will be ready. I know it sounds daunting but slow and steady and you will be fine. You sound like your looking after yourself with your rest days.


You have trained for this next run so you will do it.

I sympathise with you as I too sprained my ankle quite a while back and I find it still swells after longer runs. I also take 2 or more rest days and do some strengthening and stretching exercises. Did you see a physio? The only reason I ask is that I didn't for too long and that's apparently why it still twitches every now and then!

It sounds as if you are being very sensible. Just listen to your body... or in this case your ankle! Good luck.


I too fell prey to this. If it's any use I did some of the ankle exercises I found on youtube & iced after runs whether I felt I needed it or not. Now for the don't get despondent bit, after resting it for weeks, I have now been back running for 6 weeks & much to my surprise, on my last run I realised that it wasn't even twinging. So definitely look after it but keep your chin up & really enjoy that run.


Cheers. :-). I have been doing the exercises that my physio recommended, plus walking on tiptoe, standing in tiptoe etc, but haven't been icing after runs. Good tip, I'll give it a try. It was certainly very soothing immediately after the injury.


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