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Week 9 Run 2

I was busy making shortcrust pastry before going out for my run (it's the time of year to start baking mince pies!) so I totally forgot to do my pre-run stretches!

I didn't realise until halfway through my warm up walk and so I figured that I would just do the thigh/calf/hamstring stretches after the walk and then do the run anyway. After all, opinion is divided on whether they're even necessary.

Well, let me tell you...I find them necessary!

I had an uncomfortable start to my run and kept the speed down from the very beginning. I was also listening to the podcast 'Welcome to Nightvale' rather than music, which made it more difficult to hit a steady rhythm.

But, again, I settled into my pace halfway through and found the second half easier than the first.

I did get very tired, though, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I'd only eaten two slices of peanut butter on toast all day today...I really need to remember to eat on my days off from work if I'm going to run! I cannot live on mugs of tea alone (although I try...)!

I actually didn't complete the final 12 seconds of my run because I reached the crossing I needed to use, but I figure that 12 seconds isn't really cutting it short!

One run to go!

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Hmm, extra 12 seconds next run I reckon. :)


I at least must have been going faster than I thought because I didn't quite reach the crossing last time!


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