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Plot twist!

I had done week 9 run 2 last week, and progressing well in terms of comfort and speed on the run...

...then I broke a bone in my hand last weekend (not running-related). It was bad enough to mean arm in sling for a few days and careful pain management. So, no running or any sports for a week!

With a clear week's break from doing any sport of any kind, I decided that I'd gently attempt a run yesterday. It should be week 9 run 3, i.e. the final run of the programme. I was completely prepared to abort and do a shorter run if any pains, or if any wobbly feelings. I was also prepared to be very slow and to discount it as a proper run if it was too feeble.

However, was only a bit sluggish for first 10 mins, then felt OK. Actually felt pretty good at 20 mins though wasn't breaking any land speed records. By 30 mins I realised I had somehow run past my ending point from previous "week 9" runs. I was not too far off 5km, so carried on those extra mins and did 5km (34:30)!

So, to my total surprise, I done it!

This is part of my goal done. The other is to enter and complete a 5km race in 2014. Parkrun next Saturday then?

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Well done that sounds like a great achievement. Don't forget to click on the link on the right and ask for you graduation badge. As you say you are well on your way to completing your goals. Congratulations.


Well done, enjoy your running - onwards and upwards!


Congratulations! And I hope your hand is fully healed soon!


Well done especially in the circumstances.


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