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Week 9 Run 1

I got splashed by a car tonight! I think that's a runner's milestone!

It was actually raining moderately tonight (the worst I've had till now has been a light drizzle) but I decided that if I made the excuse not to go out and run because of the rain then one day the next excuse would be 'it's a bit cold' and then one day I'd make the excuse 'I'm a bit tired' seemed like the path to slacking off and then giving up running all together.

So, no, no excuses! Just went out and got damp (it's a good job I actually quite like the rain).

As has been the pattern, recently, it took me a bit of time to get my pace right for breathing and then about halfway round I settled into a pace that was comfortable for both my breathing and my legs. My legs felt it a lot, tonight, but I endured!

I also refused to look at my timer! I knew approximately where I would end (since I was just extending my 28 minute route) so I decided I didn't need to time check myself, I just needed to keep running. I was certainly glad when the end was reached, but I completed the 30 minutes relatively painlessly!

I can't believe I'm on the final week! I never would have believed I could do this three months ago and even two months ago, starting this programme, I was slightly skeptical. But now I'm two runs away from graduating, several colleagues of mine started the programme, thanks to telling them all about it at work, and now my sister is going to try it next week!

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Well done Looks like Santa might be bringing you your graduation badge ! Apart from your own personal achievement you are now inspiring others to get off couch and get healthy How good is that


I'm almost prouder of inspiring other people than I am of being able to run for 30 minutes! (Almost, but not quite...I'm going to selfishly hold my personal achievement in higher standing!)


Be have every right. You faced the challenge and now you are a runner and very soon a graduate. Good luck.


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