I have a new title...Runner!!!

That's what Laura said this morning!!! Just in from W6R3 and loved it. I really find if I keep my mind busy I notice the exertion less, so Christmas food planning was today's subject - sad, I know. I managed to up my speed for the last minute as Laura encouraged and felt like a kid at playtime - looked like a breathless beetroot though! Happy weekend all.

3 Replies

  • Hi runner Well done It might be sad but I plan menus ,shopping, to do lists .... Def keeps your mind of what you still have to run Strange thing is now graduated dont find myself doing it every run

  • Ahhhh I know the beetroot face well. Well done on getting to week six. Isn't it great when you get told that. Christmas is a lovely distraction isn't it. Happy running.

  • I'm doing a mental shopping list as I trudge round

    Happy running everyone!

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