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Good run in the "cold"

Well, it was cold for me! Last week it was about 23 degrees here, today it was about 3 when I went for my run.

Massive storms had been forecast which led all schools to be closed nationwide. Fortunately, the storm wasn't as bad as forecast, so I have gained a bonus day in which to (try to) catch up with an awful lot of work and fit a run in :)

So today was my last interval run in my bridge to 10k training. I managed to run for two lots of 30 minutes with a minute walk in between. Listened to an audio book for the first 25 or so minutes, then had the lovely Laura talking me through the Stepping Stone podcast. I have to say I completely ignored the advice about running to the beat (which is a shame, as I think that's the whole point of the podcast!), but it was nice to have her words of encouragement and info about how much longer till a change of track or pace.

The next one is one hour without stopping. I have no idea when I'll manage it - I think it would be good to have a couple of rest days before attempting it (I was surprised how well I did today - I hadn't run since Saturday, so all those extra rest days must have been worth it). I think I read here that someone said if you can run for half an hour, you can run for an hour. Well, I think they might just be right, just need to get out there and prove it for myself!

I don't think I'll hit 10km unless I have a flat route or keep going for more than an hour (today I did 9.5km), but am very pleased with my progress so far :)

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Gosh, you're doing very well. Where did you find the bridge to 10k plan?



This is the plan I'm using, but there are plenty of others around. I programme it into Endomondo and get told when to walk/start running again.


Can I ask a question? How do you cope with such dramatic changes in temperature? I really struggle with even modest changes as we go through standard UK seasons.


Well, you can ask, but I don't know that I have a very satisfactory answer, as I'm really struggling right now myself. Inside tends to be very cold (air conditioning for the summer being a priority over heating). Right now I'm inside with 3 indoor layers on (top one being a wool mix jumper) but have succumbed and had to put my coat on over the top.

The key is dressing appropriately I think - at least we had enough warning last week so I was able to wash up some of my winter clothes which haven't seen the light of day for a long time!

I had been hoping that my better fitness levels would improve my circulation, but this doesn't seem to have happened, so when I've finished typing this I'm going to give up and put some gloves on!


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