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Week 8 Run 3

I found the first half of this run tricky again (too slow at first and my legs complained then too fast and my heart complained!) but I got into a rhythm around the 16 minute mark and then the rest went smoothly.

I wish I remembered which song was playing when everything clicked into place! I might have tried starting my next run on that one!

I felt really good at the end of this run and I think I could have easily ran the extra two minutes to take me up to 30, so I feel ready for next week.

As long as I get that pace just right!

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Fantastic! Well done. You are clearly ready to complete the programme. Not long now before you get your shiny badge!


I always find it take me a while to get into a rhythm and competent runners I know tell me it takes then a mile to get into a run!

You're nearly there though so keep going - graduation is in sight!


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