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What's my next goal to be? And what are your goals?

I'm so delighted with myself - having started the C25K programme in April, last Sunday I did my first 10k run. I did another 10k this morning. So far I feel that my body is up to the task, although I do have a bit of a niggle in my ankles - a little warning sign not to overdo it I think.

Each time I managed it in just under an hour.

I would like to maintain the 10k until my joints are ready for me to push a little harder, a little further.

I'm thinking that at the moment I should do Parkrun (5k), local pootle (7-8k) and long run (10k) as my weeky schedule.

But then... what should my next challenge be?

I was thinking, perhaps aim for ten miles (about 16k) next, then aim for 13 miles (about 20k) - the half-marathon distance?

How would you pace it?

I'm not following a programme, but I followed the 10% rule in getting myself from 5 to 10k - although I spread it out a little, 10% a fortnight rather than 10% a week, and I wasn't totally strict about it.

Would love your opinions.

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To be honest I don't think I know enough yet to be able to suggest a plan but I would say have a look at the asics website they can design a plan to get you to whatever distance you want especially if you have a race date in mind......good luck


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