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Not going out!

Hi there - I've been reading posts and I'm feeling envious as I haven't been able to get out this past week due to a horrible cold and tickly cough. I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms, and feeling very moody. If I ever needed evidence that this programme has done me good, I think I have found it!! I'm taking it easy for another couple of days till the cough settles then I hope to get back out there. Any tips would be appreciated as I'm starting to feel a wee bit nervous about it.

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You're obviously hooked! I know exactly how you feel as I was out of action for a week a while back with the same symptoms and hated it. Reading the blogs here kept me going. When I eventually had my first run I did 20 minutes the first time rather than my usual 30. I felt OK but didn't want to push it and played it safe. For the next run I was back to normal as if I hadn't been away. Interestingly, I seemed to recover much quicker than I usually do from cold/cough. Must be healthy this running lark!

Just listen to your body and take it easy the first time back. You'll be fine.


I'm also out of action at the moment - weird nausea and dizziness that I hope are just due to starting bloodpressure meds and this will settle down soon. Anyway, although I don't feel up to running, I'm trying to walk round my route a couple of times a week. I did this last week and on Saturday felt well enough to run and as able to do the next one in the series. I'd really hoped to run today, but it doesn't look realistic, so I will try to walk again ! So if you don't feel up to running, what about walking round your usual route.


Me too, caught a stomach bug on last day in New York and still have the 'remains' of that. Also have a cold and sore throat so it's almost a week since I went out.

Every morning for last 3 mornings I have set the alarm to get up for my run and every morning I have gone back to sleep. Body telling me it's not on but my mind is ever hopeful! I am hoping that by the end of the week I can take an easy run for 20 minutes or so then take it from there. Hope everyone recovers soon!


Thanks everyone for the encouragement and suggestions. I think I'll just take it slowly and try for 20 mins to start with. I'll walk instead if I start to struggle. Good luck for a speedy recovery ajwyld and Lizziebeth. We'll soon be back out there!


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