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Hardest Thing I've ever done!!!!

Sorry, haven't posted for a while, life has been getting in the way, flooding washing machines, (running gear got a bit smelly at one stage) work functions, Xmas shopping etc etc....Anyway I've managed to squeeze the runs in, although not at the day on day off that I would like. Sunday morning was week 7 Run 3 in the park, got to 23 minutes and met a colleague walking in the park. There was no way I was stopping, so I huffed and puffed an apology and carried on! So sorry colleague, but now the whole office knows that the fat manager from the first floor sweats like a fat lass! Tonight was Week 8 Run 1, OMG did it hurt! Legs felt like lead. I made it but I'm pretty sure it was only the Xmas lights that kept me going. Another busy few days ahead, including work trips to the big bad city so I won't get to run again until Friday morning. Sunday will also be a no no (hangover booked), so I'm thinking Saturday afternoon after Friday morning as I'm worried that next Monday night is too long a break at this stage in the stamina building game. I so want to graduate before Xmas now. Happy running everyone. As always, advice welcome xx

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Well done for fitting your running in around all your commitments, and hangovers ;) not sure I'd fancy running into anyone I work with but I'd say now the whole office knows that you're getting out there running, so good for you! :D


I went for a run after work the other day but left my loaf of bread there in error. Popped back in using the back entrance only to find 3 colleagues in the vicinity of my loaf. So I'm outed too. My colleagues are lovely & they were all rather congratulatory of my getting out there & running. I bet your colleagues were impressed too. As for advice, one of the folk here recently wrote that running turned out to be a good hangover cure. Can't vouch for that but definitely worth a try.


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