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Whats the worst weather you've run in?

Tomorrow is meant to be w4r1 - and I'm sitting here really worried that the weather will be too bad to run! I never ever thought I'd say that I feel actual disappointment about being snowed off a run.

So, whats the worst weather you've run in? Anyone out there going to brave the snow tomorrow?

(hopefully it's just a sprinkle left by tomorrow so I can run, yippee!!)

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I've not run in snow yet Miranda, but I've been out in frost, rain and hail. I have to say, unless it's actually so icy/snowy that it's dangerous underfoot, as long as you've layered up and can strip off as you heat up, there is no problem. You can buy grip things to go on your trainers if you really want to get out there when it's snowy but I have no idea how good those are. Good question though!

Carole C


Running in the snow is brilliant! Especially if it is still snow and not icy yet (thats can be a bit ugly).

Carole is spot on - no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing! I wore my trail shoes (bit more grippy), two layers of leggings, three layers on top and gloves and a woolly hat and I was toasty and had the best run of the year so far.

Oh and the cafe was open at the end for a steaming cup of tea.

If its icy you just need to keep your wits about you and be sensible, slow down and take shorter steps, stay on the sunny side of the street. I like the cold; rain however I am not so keen on I have run in the rain but usually only when it has been fine when I set off and started when I was out. I can't remember actually starting out when it was tipping down.


I ran in sideways rain at the start of the year- I found it pretty good, I felt that I looked like a complete loon running in the rain with a big smile on my face. I was going well until the hail stone started beating my face which was sore so decided to head back home. If I'd had a hat or something reckon that I would have been okay. I think as long as the clothing is right then you'll be fine... and that it's not too icey underfoot. good luck!


Running in heavy rain demotivates me - not sure why as once you are wet you are web but even so. Perhaps it is the rain running down my face I dislike.

I also dislike the splashing from cars - some drivers are so inconsiderate. I try to stay away from traffic on rainy days. I tend to make rainy days my hill running days as then I am also out for shorter periods. The rain can also be nice and cooling. Now that I have done that a few times I don't worry about it too much. If its raining on a running day then I might wait to see if the weather changes but eventually I just get out and get on with it.

I did try the snow and I found it was easier to balance running than it is when walking but I don't think I will do too much of that. A twisted ankle or knee would set my running back by much more than just a week or so of not being able to run. I don't feel it is worth the risk.


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