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Week 6 Run 3

I can't really say much other than I felt awful from about 5 minutes in and only made it all the way through by sheer blind stubbornness!

I was pretty much counting down the minutes (which I know is a bad idea and pretty demoralising) but I feel like if I hadn't been reminding myself of how much I had already done I would have given in about 15 minutes through. But since I refused to waste so much running, I made myself reach the end.

My legs were practically dragging, mind you, and it's really awful when other runner's run past you because you're going that slow. And I'm also really aching now. But 25 minutes of horrible running is still 25 minutes!

Here's hoping Week 7 goes better!

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It will! You'll be surprised. Something just clicks. Maybe you're running too fast and getting too tired early on. Try running a bit slower. Slow is good. We're all slow as we're fresh off the couch!


25 minutes running is.....25 minutes running! Try not to worry about speed or distance since that will flow once you get used to all of this. Another word for stubornness when running is stamima, so you clearly have determination to succeed with this programme.

I just completed W6R3 about an hour ago and although it felt daunting beforehand, I knew I would manage it since it was just a little more than I had achieved in W5R3. I struggled a little tonight with this one, but the key for me during this programme has been to focus on what has been achieved thus far, rather than focusing what I have yet to achieve. I hope that this helps and lets both of us get onto week 7!


There's a lot to be said in praise of stubbornness, or if you prefer, determination! Stick at it, you're doing great!


I remember feeling the same.its not easy but the programme is designed for you to get through?Slow down, as there is no hurry.I still don't particularly like running,We are not all the same.It has set me up for life one and I go to the gym 3times a week but rarely run for 30mins, and now do a mixture of running,walking and strength work,but its good knowing I did it?Good luck to you and keep going.Bye the way ,you will lose weight and change shape.I am a size 10 now.That has got to be an incentive!


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