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Wireless Earbuds Anyone?

I've only just discovered these and they seem like a brillian idea but my problem is which ones? There seems to be a huge rang and the range of prices is equally wide. I don't mind spending a bit but don't need super-duper sound quality - I just want something that stays in when I'm running and doesn't have wires trailling everywhere. Does anyone have any experience of them for running?

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I had a couple, the philips one was good, but the catch wore out and it wouldn't stay clipped while running. Also you unplug the headphones, but they were built in to the strap so you couldn't remove them....

The Sony one seemed to have a 45 minute battery life and the sound quality was way off.

What I do now is use wire ties to keep the cable short, then took the coiled cable in to the armband.


I am on my second pair of wireless headphones. The first ones fell apart because they didn't like all the sweat from my ears whilst running!

However I bought these ones a few months ago and they are very good. They are inner ear but the fit isn't really deep in the ear so you can still hear the traffic when running. It is comfortable and the battery lasted during a 2 hr 20 min run.

Here is link for it:

Sonixx X-Fit Wireless Earphones Bluetooth Headphones / Headset with Microphone - 3 Year Warranty


And the good thing about Amazon is you don't need to keep track of your receipt if it all goes wrong, but if it does get a refund but an exchange even if you plan to buy the same - that way you get a fresh guarantee.


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