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Runless and sleepless and frustrated!

I have come down with a horrible cold which has turned into a chesty problem so the asthma has hit me with a bang. So no running possible - even walking briskly up the stairs turns me into a panting wheezing monster.

It is 2:30 am and all the stress from particularly challenging and worrying issues at work are going round and round in my head. I sooooo wish I could set off on a run as I find that running helps to sort things out. It also tends to make me tired enough to sleep despite my thoughts!

So doubly unhappy! Never thought I would long to put on my shoes and set off for a run! I would even welcome the gremlins back - I can run through their tempting whispering in my ears!

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Every sympathy.......on second week of cold and persistent cough. I agree the running helps becoming less stressed and tired enough to sleep through anything!

Let's hope we get well soon x


Poor you. Hopefully your increased overall fitness will help you recover quickly and get out there :)


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