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A Bike ride at last

Today I rode my Bike for the first time in ages as I had been completing R25K and we use different muscles for running and riding

I started C25K hating running and when I had finished it I hated it even more finding it painful and boring. For me it was a mental as well as a phsysical challenge but cycling is a different matter all together

My word it was great thoroughly enjoyed it once again big smile on my face as the K's drifted by

I do feel I accomplished somethging great in being able to run for 30 minutes but cycling for an hour or two give s me greater satisfaction and now I can do just that :-)

Good luck everything just follow the poscasts and all of you like me will be able to run 5 K after 9 weeks

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Well done Kingo. Running isn't for everyone and you gave it a good chance. However you're doing it, you're out there putting in the effort and covering the distance.

I also love my bike (which is out of action at the moment) and can't wait til its fixed and I can cross train.


Oh well, we can't win 'em all. I admire your sticking power to get through when you were hating it. A mate of mine who runs and cycles, both at quite impressive levels, reckons that cyclists like the rest that comes with downhills, whereas runners have to keep things moving even on a descent. Enjoy your cycling, Kingo.


Well done and I can completely understand your preference for cycling. Since I moved a few months ago to an area where it rich in cycle paths, I have tended to use my cycle more. Now that the winter is kicking in I find it difficult to motivate myself to go for a run, although, as I live on the edge of a country park, I have plenty of great places to run as well as cycle. I will, no doubt, gear myself up to start the C25K again but, in the meantime, I get more use out of my bike - not least I can travel into the town centre without touching a road. Good luck with your cycling and whatever else you decide to do. Best wishes.


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