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Week 3 run 2 finished!!

So proud of myself! I started my first week running 1.15 miles with an average pace of 16.09 min/mile. Today I got up early and ran 1.28 miles with an average pace of 11.42 min/mile all by myself! I am actually really proud of myself. =D I do have one question I didn't eat before going out this morning. What is the best thing to eat after a run and when should it be eaten? I dont like bananas before its suggested lol! Thanks guys for all your inspiration xx

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Hi Cheeki

Are you following the Couch to 5 k running plan? I eat a bowl of porridge about an hour to 90 mins before my run and don't eat afterwards. If you are hungry afterwards just keep it simple like a small bowl of rice pudding or just a bog standard biccy

Good luck with your runs!


I am but I'm doing it on an app called run double on android. Problem is, I want to start running more first thing so getting up even earlier just to have breakfast isn't what i want to be doing really. I've also heard exercising on an empty stomach increases your metabolism. It wasn't the fact i was hungry because i ran, it was because it was breakfast time. but thank you for advice xx


My fuel is half of one of those unmentionables, which I eat immediately before going out for a morning run, eating the other half on return. Probably more important is to drink some water before you start, I drink about 250ml, for a short run and 500ml for a long (10k+). Good luck.


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