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w7r1 - done but maybe a mistake

So, having done w6r3 on Saturday I set off pretty optimistically to do w7r1 - after all they're the same distance. Maybe I'd even try to up the pace a bit. Well within about a minute I was seriously thinking about stopping - left knee was complaining, though not sore exactly just nagging a bit. Decided to give it 5 minutes and then stop if it hadn't gone away - and by then the niggly feeling had gone so I carried on very cautiously - and also changed my route to run on a softer path for longer. Managed to finish - but now my right knee is complaining. (Did the knee exercises from the NHS site as my cool down as well) I'm thinking I should have taken an extra rest day and gone swimming instead today- so now my plan is now to wait until Thursday to do w7r2. Also I wore heels yesterday for the first time in months, so my knees could be objecting to that.

sigh - I really want to finish - but not at the expense of injury obviously.

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Sorry to hear about the discomfort - you're absolutely right to take an extra rest day. Have you had your gait analysed? I know that as the distances increased it was tougher on my joints and I was really glad I have comfy shoes :D Don't worry, you'll get to the end of this, but you're so right - if you injure yourself it will just take longer. Fingers crossed for you :)


I have recurring knee problems (they're just wonky) but I've also seen a podiatrist and have special insoles - so I'm hoping that it was just down to the heels and that an extra days rest and more diligence with my knee exercises will do it. But if I get any pain on Thursday then I will stop - and in that case I won't be able to run again until Monday, which should hopefully fix things.


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