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Week 7 started

Having had last week off with a(nother) horrible cold, I've been out this morning and made a start on week 7. Except that I used Week 6 Run 3 podcast because I seem to remember that I didn't much like the week 7 one last time. And it's 25 minutes of running whichever podcast you use. I have a horrible post-nasal drip cough, but managed the run without coughing. Go me! Am dragging a neighbour out with me on Wednesday. She'll (hopefully) be doing W1R1 while I keep running round the rec for 25 minutes. That's the joy of running round in circles!

BTW, I'm not sure exactly how far I ran this morning as I'm not confident I counted laps round the rec correctly but it was either 4K or just under 4.5K. Either way I'm pretty pleased with that. I'll try to remember to start counting at the beginning of my run on Wednesday!

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You sound as though you're doing great despite the cold. Well done on getting your neighbour out. I'm still working on my husband. He keeps blaming the arthritis in the knees but I'm sure there are folk here with arthritis enjoying this C25K.


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