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Week 6 Run 1

Well...I know that people recommended that I didn't take this week lightly (after the 20 minutes of Wk5R3) but I figured this was the ideal run to try and push my pace up a little and test my strength over my stamina.

So last evening I took the route that included the peak of a hill at the start of my run and made sure to keep the pace of my jog up over my previous few attempts.

Well, I managed to keep control of my breathing but DAMN did my legs ache! They continued to ache well into the evening, although they feel fine today, and I definitely know not to try to keep that pace during the longer runs right now because those walking breaks were very much needed!

But it did help to show just how much improvement I've seen because the pace I had last night was along the lines of the pace I struggled with in Wk 3 where I had my only failed run thus far. That I could run for longer on such a pace really pushes that failure away and helps remove some of the caution holding me back.

Sure, holding back a little is good because it keeps me steady and allows me to progress at a natural pace but holding back too much will hinder my improvement.

One thing that is certainly coming into play now, though, is how cold it's now getting. I've been running in sports gear of trousers, t shirts and zip up jackets thus far and they've been fine (I've been able to leave the jacket unzipped till the last few runs). But it was 3 degrees Celsius when I went out last night and it's only going to get colder, so I guess I might need to invest in some long sleeve tops to go under my jackets and maybe some leggings to go under my trousers? I spent half my warm up walk shivering a few nights ago and I wouldn't want to ruin my progress by getting too cold to run or running when my body isn't ready for it. I've been fine and not felt the cold when actually running but I don't want to harm myself.

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I've just run bought a few bits of kit for warmth: I tried this morning a silky thin thermal long sleeved top from M&S (£15) under a karrimore long sleeved running top and a fleece gillet. In daylight hours I found that warm enough and much better than the long sleeved cotton top underneath the gillet that I have been wearing.


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