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Parkrun - 22:29 - 1 second slower than my PB

Hi all!

I was in Sweden last week for work and managed one interval session in the hotel gym. It was lucky I bought my running gear because the hotel's website didn't mention a gym even though it had one.

I haven't been able to begin my interval/strength programme properly yet and will not be able to do it properly this week because I have an interview to be promoted to manager at work, so will be spending the evenings until Thursday doing some preparation.

Before today's run I chatted to a guy who ran at our Parkrun for the first time last week. last week I overtook him at 2km but he passed me at 4.5km when I was flagging due to being light headed. When we were talking we found out we both work for Ford and in the same building, also my old manager now works with him! It's a small world!

After 1km we were running together and swapping positions every few minutes. We stayed together until about half way when the guy timing told us that our time was 11:05, I looked at my Garmin and could see that I had slowed down a little so I increased my pace to try and beat my PB. I pulled away from him a little and tried to keep to a pace which would beat my PB. At 4km I was feeling very tired but knew I was almost there. My watch showed that I was neck and neck with my PB time. I kept going at my pace until I got to the finishing straight and then pushed myself as fast as my legs would go.

When I finished I glanced at my time and saw that I was 1 second off. I am very happy with the run because I am keeping at a good pace. I know that when my schedule frees up I will be able to improve my time via the interval sessions.

I chatted to my newfound workmate after the run and he said he was hoping to overtake me on the back straight, just like last week, not twice in a row I told him!

Here is a link to my run:


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I honestly don't know how you do it, that's an incredible time... You must be delighted? I really have to dig deep to get in a sprint finish!!! Well done Bionic man!!!


Thanks Julia! It really was difficult to sprint at the end because there wasn't much left in the tank. My test is that if I am not coughing and spluttering after I have finished then I haven't tried hard enough!


Great post - and fantastic motivational running. As you say that extra effort is worth it and yay not overtaken - the competitor in all of us!!

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Excellent run, great post as always.

I'm toying with buying a Garmin, I see from your link you have the 610, Would you buy it now if you had to make the decision again? The 620 came out recently but doesn't have the virtual racer feature yet - is that what you were using or was it just the clock?




Thanks! I actually read this review earlier today and checked the 620 out on amazon. It looks like it isn't available in the UK until April 2014 however. I use the virtual racer a lot and the 620 doesn't have this, but they could introduce it via a firmware update.

The biggest improvement I think the 620 has is the wifi and Bluetooth to upload runs. The ant+ is a bit annoying but it would be great if I could upload runs without the need for a computer.

I'm happy with the 610 at the moment but I may think of upgrading in 5 months time.


Oh my, I can only imagine what it must feel like to run that fast!


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