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Week 3 day 1 done!

Okay so my running buddy let me down last night. After all the discussions we've had with me pacing myself and her pushing herself, she got an injury.. so I wasn't going to let it become an excuse and went out and did it myself. First thing was half way through my running I realised id forgotten my water but realised that I actually felt more free without it. Secondly I realised how much easier it was to run when you didn't feel like you were chasing someone! I completed the run with a min and a half shaved off my time to do a mile and although I apparently didn't run as far (which doesn't make sense to me as my pace was quicker?!) I came home on cloud 9 knowing it was all me! Back feels a little stiff this morning, not sure its related to my run or not but hoping it eases off. Now lets see if i can repeat it in week3 day 2 on tuesday! x

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Well done you for getting out there on your own and doing it anyway! It may become YOUR journey now so you may even enjoy it more! Good luck for Run 2. :-)


In a way i hope im to continue myself...found it alot easier x


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