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WK9-R1 So So Close

I made a bit of a blunder in my counting of weeks and repeats somewhere along the way and so last week ran 30 mins when it should of been 28 mins, spent a while working out if I should just call it the first of week 9 but decided today that I will stick with my plan to run my graduation run with my son on our Tuesday nights outing. So today I went to a park which is 1 mile circuits and did my Wk9-R1 didn't quite make 5k but that's ok it was lovely to be out in the chilly fresh air and watching the dogs play in all the fallen leaves. Two more runs doesn't seem possible how fast the weeks have gone.

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I think you are right to do graduation run with son It will make it feel even more special Isn't it funny that way back at earlier runs we were all worried about the next run but now saying we ARE going to graduate Ill look out for graduation badge next to your name next week


I think you're right also. Bonus to be running 30 mins earlier time to definitely get to 5k for graduation.


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