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Nearly Thwarted by Teenagers. Wk6 R2

Last night was run 2 on my week 6 schedule but teenage daughter wanted to go out as a family to late night Xmas shop and see the lights switched on. I was concerned that an extra day break would be detrimental to my progress but as today is my day off, I decided to go this morning. So as my daughter was heading off for school I asked for her iPod for Laura listening, "sorry, it's in dads car" - dad went to work hours ago!!! Grrr! I debated giving up and going back to bed, but I rang husband and arranged to pick up iPod. I am a changed woman motivation wise! His work is near a nature park so great place to run for a change, £2 to park the car, what's that all about? (Managed to scrape to cash together from around the car as didn't have purse!) Two fit runner types loitering in car park gave me a smile when they heard the start of Laura, thanks guys! Anyway very pleasant in the nature park, but with car keys, phone etc in bum pocket, my leggings started to slip to expose bare flesh! Very cold and not that kind of nature park!!! However once they were more tightly secured, I managed the two runs very well and even speeded up from my usual plod for the last minute. Hurrah, I think I'm finally getting it and I think the extra day break actually may have done me some good. I now enter the full runs with trepidation but hope in my heart. Have a great weekend everyone and happy running.

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I am impressed with the motivation and sounds like a nice place to run. Also sounds like you are in a good place for the next part of the programme, which will be fine! The programme works and in a very few weeks you will be running 30 minutes.


FTT, well done! I hope that your daughter is more impressed than my tribe are as to what I perceive as a major achievement on my part!!

Keep going, you're over 2 thirds through!!


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