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Running without Laura

Ran for the longest time yet this evening - a full 28 minutes! Did it without Laura and just ran to my own music. I haven't run for a couple of weeks and didn't really know where to start so did a warm up walk and just went for it! I'm going to ache tomorrow but I'm doing a 5k run for Macmillan 2 weeks Saturday so needed to get going with it. I need to work on my distance but really pleased with tonight's effort!

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Sounds like a great run! Hope you had a nice hot bath afterwards. For the last few weeks I have been running without any music and think I much prefer it. Seem to go faster too :)


I like music because I shut off when I'm listening. Had a stressy day yesterday so definitely needed the run!


Looks like you really enjoyed yourself Well done and good luck for 5k race


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