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Still going!

So run on Sunday did not happen, but got out for a good brisk walk later in the day. Monday morning, up early and hit the treadmill with wk6 run 1. It also went well! and managed to hit the 2 mile point 40 seconds earlier than on the last run. Wednesday, feeling like crap, not happy and broke down at work, so came home early and got on the treadmill for wk6 run 2. Was really surprised how it went and so glad I made the effort, rather than continuing to feel sorry for myself.

Have a Spa day booked for tomorrow, a prize that I won a few months ago, which includes a full massage, facial, manicure and pedicure! Really feel that I need a bit of pampering at the moment, and with a long drive on Saturday, will be hitting the treadmill again on Sunday....... this one will really test me. I have completed it twice before in previous attempts to get to graduation. So will repost once the dreaded wk6 run 3 has been completed!

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well sone - sorry you are feeling blue. But the running will help to lift your mood and something else to take your mind off things. Whenever I feel rubbish i look to running to sort/clear my head space. and you have not given in which is important.

Look fwd to your next post - best of luck- :-)

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Glad your run helped. Hope you're feeling better soon. I find running a great stress buster. Try to get your rest too. Good luck with your next run. :)


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