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w6r2 a slog but I did it

It was snowing this morning, so I wasn't sure I'd be going out today, but then it stopped and melted and by early afternoon it was dry and gray but not terrible. So I pulled on all my layers, including my new wind resistant top, gloves and smartphone band and went out.

And felt like it was a real slog. Had a really good run on Tuesday but today I really had to fight the urge just to stop. That said, according to mapmyrun I also logged my first km at < 9 minutes (8:55). Legs really shaky when I got in.

It was definately more a mental struggle than a physical one today. Writing about it to encourage myself to keep going. And although I didn't enjoy the run, I do have a little glow of achievement from having stuck with it !

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I was exactly the same at that stage! It's very odd. Lots of others said the same thing too. I found that putting the walks back in after the epic-ness of Week 5 Run 3 was a real pain - literally! Could it be that? Now I've got past Week 7 I'm finding the straight running a bit more manageable as you can pace yourself better. It IS a mental struggle but you ARE doing it! Well done and keep going!


Ha - the mental struggle - every run a little mini battle for me. The cold I am finding very challenging - i can't get my breathing right and I have not found the right layering of clothes to keep my legs warm and functioning.

And that little glow of achievement is definitely worth the mental battle - roll on R3 :-)

good luck

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