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Out of the game for 3-4 months

Hi all,

It's been ages since I last posted on here, but some of you will remember that I've spent all of this year battling continuing shin problems - particularly in the left one. Well, after physio, sports therapy and finally a proper consultation they reckon I have shin splints generally, with a stress fracture at one point on my left shin (the real problem). I'm still awaiting an ultrasound to confirm, but they've told me they'll treat me as though it's a stress fracture regardless. So, I can't run for months! It's not been a good year for me in terms of running because of this, I just hope it improves next year - especially as I'm trying to get fit for my wedding! Am doing lots of strength exercises in lieu of running, e.g. planks, press-ups, squats, and getting my parents' old exercise bike soon, so hopefully I'll keep my fitness up. I've had two experts tell me now that they think 9 weeks to go from couch to 5k is too quick, and that when I go back to running I'll have to do it in double the time.....yay!!

So my advice would be - if any of you are experiencing shin pain, have a good few weeks off so you don't do yourself a more serious injury!

Happy running :-)

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I really feel for you, but the streets will still be there next year and hopefully, you'll come back stronger. I started in June last year and had many setbacks along the way and now, 18 months later, feel that I'm finally starting to improve and get a little bit faster. Try to relax and enjoy being in the warm for all your exercise over the winter ;-) - the spring will be here before you know it. :)


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