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2nd Post Grad run then disaster

Went out this morning for my usual Sat morning run and all was going well until... 29 mins in I felt like I'd been kicked in the back of my calf. At first I thought I had just kicked a stone up the back of my leg and tried to run it off but it got really painful and had to hobble home. I've put ice on it and had some bufren but feel really deflated that I will have to rest for a week or two. Anyone had anything similar and how long do you reckon before its safe to try to run again? I'm really missing my runs already:(

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Ouch! Could be muscle (gastroc/soleus) or tendon (Achilles or other) but you are smart to rest & ice & elevate the leg. If it improves in a few days, I would foam roll it, if not seek medical/physio help. Do you think it would be wise to have

someone check your form when you are better? Since you did the programme it doesn't seem like simple over use. Hope you are better soon!


Thanks for the advise Genome911. I'll see whats its like in a few days and try a really slow run.


So sorry to hear you hurt yourself. I hope it's soon fixed and you'll be back out. I hurt myself gardening of all things on only Week 2 and was out for two frustrating weeks. Still, I've graduated now so it's no too much of a delay in the overall scheme of things

You can pick up where you left off once you're fit. Don't try running though til you're better


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