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Tears in my eyes - SO cold!

Had lunch booked with friends today for 12.30 and got out by 10.00 so plenty of time to do my Speed pod cast. But it was so very cold I could barely see through my tears! Enjoyed the running though and bumped into 3 people from my life, each wanted to chat. 2 of them I am hoping may take up C25K, I certainly gave it a big plug! But you know how it is, you're standing around chatting and getting awfully cold. I ended up doing 6.19km in 52 minutes. I would like to knock some minutes off that time because I also did about 10 minutes on the park gym in the middle of the run.

Really enjoyed my cold run this morning! Feels like I am making some good progress at last!

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Good for you and well done. I am finding the cold quite challenging - and I am checking the weather to see how cold before i venture out.


Hi suzybenj,

I much prefer the cold to the heat - that just makes me feel sick and weak! I made the mistake of having today as a 'fast' day of the 5:2 diet. Forgot my banana when I set off, did the running before lunch with friends. Not eaten since and I am currently waiting for a few people for a planning meeting and I'm starving now!

Must admit, though, that I wonder how difficult it is going to be once the ice comes!

Hope you manage some pleasant runs!


Love the cold when I run, but hat and gloves are on from now on.

Today I wore my fleece on the inside and my big t shirt on the top, was well cosy and managed a good 10.5km too.


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