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How do you come back from Injury?

I completed the C25K early this year and over the Spring/Summer started progressing quite nicely (5k: 27 mins, 10k: 59 mins).

The last time I ran was September 1st. This is because I had an accident which resulted in me breaking 3 toes on my right foot!!

I'm fully healed now and ready to make a start on this carry on we call Running.

I've never come back from an injury before and I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I just go for a short run? Do I go back to the podcasts and go back to the walking/running intervals?

Has anyone out there ever started running again after a long lay off? If so, how did you go about it?


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I found this one on the interweb that looks sensible... After a break of eight weeks and fitness will have been lost, but it will return relatively quickly as long as you build up safely. Think about the shortest run you were successfully completing in training before your break and shorten it by a third or add some walking breaks. Complete this two or three times in week 1, then increase gradually for a couple of weeks. Aim to be back at running the full length of your shortest run by the end of four weeks and back to your original routine in terms of frequency.


Thank you for the reply. Seems to make sense. I was running 5k-7k regularly before. I'll go for a steady 2k-2.5k tonight then, test the water as it were.



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