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I'm not on any particular week, but I just enjoy running and this forum as a 'grad'.

I have a teenage son who is rowing mad (training 5 times a week) and last night they went on a small run around the town. After 7k of big hills, and taking 40 minutes ~ because they 'went at the speed of the slowest'!! ~ I feel inadequate. Why? Because I would kill to be able to do that run in that time.

OK, I will admit that I am old (well, 50), and that I have NEVER been a good distance runner, but to do 7k on big hills whilst going at the speed of the slowest is just too much....much too much!

Finally, I should add that he and some others kept running ahead of the group, running back and then repeating; so he did far more than the 7k.

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I know; I have a 23 year old son who stops and does press-ups whilst he waits for the others to catch up! Boundless energy!

When I told him that I could now run for 30 minutes (I was so very pleased with myself at the time) he looked faintly shocked and said that he couldn't imagine not being able to run for 30 minutes!

Joking apart, at least we are running,albeit like snails compared to the youngsters, and I think that we should just enjoy their puppy-like enthusiasm for what they can do. It's cheers me up to see them and soak up their optimism!


I agree. It is so good to see young people doing something worthwhile instead of playing computer games etc.

I've never thought of our son as a puppy, but now you mention it...

BTW. Congrats on the 30 minutes. It feels good, doesn't it.


kids eh - they just show us up. I let them have their glory and just enjoy what i can do - which is way more than I was doing six months ago :-)

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