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Is it possible to make yourself go out in this weather?!?

So decided I would go out tonight for my W8 R2 tonight. But now on sofa with heat and seriously considering pjs and a glass of red. I live in Glasgow and it's Baltic tonight. I'm also scared of sliding on ice! I have bought the gloves and long sleeved thermal type running top so I should be fine...but the running bug seems to have plummeted with the temperature... HELP!!!

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PJ's and glass of red sound lovely! I couldn't get my bum out of the door in weather like this during the evenings so I go running in the morning instead. Not sure how I'll manage when it's icy though, not sure I fancy running on ice, I don't think my knees could take it.

If you decide to go for it, be careful and just think of those lovely Spring runs that you'll enjoy next year!!

I'd also be interested to see what those who have been running for more than 12 months have to suggest about running during this weather...


Was also wondering about this today. I'm lucky that I can run early afternoon - but the weather was miserable and I was cautious in some places because of wet leaves on wet pavement. I really don't fancy ice at all...


I also caved in tonight. I'm up north and it is so unbelievably painfully cold out. I simply could not face leaving the house again after work. Plus thought that the temperatures will be really bad for my asthma.

So instead I did 30 mins on the cross trainer.

But sadly, it just wasn't the same. I got pretty sweaty but just dont feel like I had the same level of workout as usual. I may have to just brave it and run tomorrow.


Glad to know I'm not alone. I have 5 runs left and go on holiday 2 weeks tmrw for 6wks! And I just know I won't run along the beach in goa as I keep pretending I will. So I really want to graduate before I go.

Ok folks.... I'm going to see what the ice is like at 7am. If it's bad I may try and do it early afternoon as I'm working from home tmrw.

I'm just scared the cold makes me give up and turn round halfway. That's it I can get out the door!! Plus I have been eating as if I'm about to hibernate for the winter... so I really need to get my

motivation back ...


Lucky you 6wks! In goa , I was supposed to be going dec1st for two wks , candolim with the other half but had to cancel , would love to go though in the future .


The thought of running along the beach in Goa is making me SO envious Suelyn . You can't not do it! Get up early and sprint along the sand and surf, then tell us about it and make us jealous...


I had trouble with a wet wooden bridge this morning - very slippery despite having 'grip strips' on it. Can't imagine what it will be like in icy/frosty weather ...


I don't mind running in the cold, soon warm up when you get moving. What I hate is running with wet feet, but I'm experimenting with some neoprene socks that I bought years ago for cycling and they seem to work a treat.


I prefer this weather (someone has to :-) ). I actually can't run when it gets warmer, so ended up not running for a couple of months in the summer. On running nights I just get home, feed the cats, get changed and go and t do an early morning at the weekend. Layering, gloves and a buff are a good way to keep warm. The buff can go over your mouth when starting off to warm the air a bit before it hits your lungs.

When it's snowy/icy you can get yaktrax to put on your shoes, today I bought something similar from B&M Bargains to try this winter, although last winter I managed just by being careful.

PJs, sofa and wine are tempting - but can be so much better when earned (and calories pre-used).


I can understand the appeal of a warm sofa when it's cold outside Suelyn. I've recently taken to going out for a run early morning mainly due to the lack of day light in the evenings. It takes a little organising but it has proved worthwhile.

It has been getting colder but you soon warm up and the sofa will be waiting for you when you get back.

I would say just go for it and try to choose somewhere that isn't icy so you reduce the chance of slipping.

I expect you'll find the running bug is still lurking there waiting for you :)


I am in edinburgh and it was freezing yesterday. I was determined to go out after work so I did, but I took about 15 to 20 minutes to warm up. It wasn't one of my best runs and I kept to the streets. Mind you I didn't have on enough clothes on so long johns are coming out. Think the advice of buff, gloves etc is good. I am thinking of putting gloves on a string through my top, like my wee grandson has, because I don't think I could wear them all the way round.

I then came home had a bath, then my tea then 2 glasses of red wine on the sofa in my jammies in front of the fire :)


I have only just graduated so I haven't been out when it is to cold yet but my husband had been running for years and he finds that going out in the morning is better and also tends to run more on the roads, that have been gritted, rather than the pavements helps. I am lucky that I can mainly go out in the day so hopefully will avoid some of that. Good luck all!


I struggled to get out last night but it felt amazingly good to come back for a hot shower and pjs! I layered up, took gloves and hat etc. I'm in Devon so luckily for me it doesn't get as bitterly cold as I know it does up there (just came back from a week in Nairn - brrrr!). You can do it, just grit your teeth and get out there! :)


I have the same problem:S

Living in Norway, and the snow and Ice is here now, ... I'm pretty bummed out - I really wanted to have few more weeks without the snow:S

I haven't gone out to run lately becouse it is slippery as hell, and I'm having trouble walking - yet alone running:S


Ditto Frikkadella - I'm stuck at W8R3 following the arrival of the first winter snow

Walking is hazardous enough , let alone running.

Did see someone running along the road outside my house yesterday so thought I might have a go today.

Blowing snow and a wind chill temp of -27 changed my mind.

Going to do the NHS choices strength/flex programme through the winter & restart C25K in the spring !


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