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Best run so far - w6r1

I had to really kick myself out the door today as the weather is manky - cold wind, light drizzle thats not far from being sleet. But I'm so proud of myself for going. The fact it was cold meant that my brisk walks were seriously brisk. Having run 20 minutes last Friday, I decided to push myself a bit during the 2 5 minute runs, though I was careful to pace myself during the 8 minute segment. Result of this was that I did 4km for the first time, rather than the 3 I've been averaging so far.

Off to Decathon tomorrow to get myself some running gloves (wore wooly mittens today - too scratchy !) and maybe one of those arm strap thingys for the phone.

Hang in there those of you who're finding this tough. I never ever thought I'd be able to run and now I'm finding out I'm enjoying it !

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Congratulations on getting to here and also on getting yourself out in the cold weather. It sounds like you are making good progress.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Dunno about tomorrow though as they are forecasting snow. Friday's forcast is better - cold but sunny, so I could take an extra rest day but that will mean not running on Saturday, which is when I'd planned to do the w6r3 25 minute run, and pushing it to Monday. (Sunday not an option)


Your doing so well good luck with the weather for Friday


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