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Lost my MOJO, Finding excuses!

When I started this program I thought about nothing other than running and although I found it tough I looked forward to the next run. I ran every other day religiously. However, since week seven I have lost my enthusiasm and seem to find excuses not to do it! I am on w9r1 and so close to graduating and if I'm honest do not want to quit but my last run was a failure last Thursday and my previous run was the Saturday before and I somehow talked myself out of running yesterday. I need to get back into a regular routine as I know that if I only go out once or maybe twice a week my fitness (haha) will diminish and I go backwards. Has anyone else got so close and had a dip like this? What did you do to get yourself back into the grove and back into the right frame of mind?

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I think these dips from time to time are normal. I think it's to do with not having a goal. My first one came after graduation and I'm having another slightly at the moment because, having done the Great North Run in September I'm not sure what to aim for next.

Maybe you're at a stage where you know you can do it so it's not so much of a challenge? My suggestion would be set yourself a goal beyond graduation which is challenging but do-able - a park run or run for life perhaps (either 5 or 10K)? Park run is brilliant because every week is a new challenge to try and improve on your PB.

Also remember that it takes 12 weeks to form a habit so you're not quite there yet. If you can just stick to it for a few more weeks it will hopefully become part of your life and you will want to get out there and miss it if you don't.

Good luck!


thanks lolb, I think you are maybe right as the last 3 runs I have done just over the 30 mins (apart from the last one) and maybe mentally think I've done it, but logically I know I still have a long way to go. I know that I need to get out there after work tonight and am up for it as I sit behind my desk, but I have a niggle that as I drive home at 6pm I will start to think of reasons why I can't do it and put it off.


Good tips for when your mojo goes is to mix it up a bit, run at a different time (morning, day and night runs all differ slightly and have their own merits), change your route, do the same route but in reverse or add a hill. Run without music, or run with an audio book, keep it fresh so you're eager to try the next run.


I would agree with the idea of finding a race, I've signed up to a 10k in April and have had it hanging in front of my nose since September. At the time I signed up there was no way I could run 10k so I had to get training. Now, 2months later I can comfortably do it (but not much more) so it is just a case of keeping my fitness up over the winter until my race. I get out maybe twice a week at the minute, one 5k and one 8-10k. It suits my level of motivation in the cold!! and it also keeps me at the level where I can run the race with no struggle. I'm already looking at the Belfast half marathon next year...

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