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Advice please. . Right hip has started to hurt 15 mins into run

Never had this before. Started recently. Could it be because I'm only managing one run a week (30mins) or do I need to get my gait looked at and some new trainers? I've had my current pair for 4 years. As soon as I stop running the pain stops. Any advice would be much appreciated! Loving my running and don't want to stop. Thanks!

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It could well be your shoes. pop along to any reputable running shop and get a free gait analysis done. Runing shoes start to fail and make you run differently.

I encountered a similar thing when I developed a lovely verruca on my big toe. I started holding my foot differently, and my hip started to hurt ~ when I stopped running, the pain went.

Good luck, and remember that you can get last seasons colours/styles for a fraction of the price of this years ones!


Thank you! I think you are right I've had mine for sometime so perhaps I need a change. Thanks for the tip about last seasons colours and styles - don't care what they look like as long as my hip doesn't hurt!


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