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Week 8 run2 -redo

After only completing 22mins of the run on Friday , I was back out again today with a friend(who always drags herself out of bed at 7am on a Sunday for me) and what a difference she made. I put her in charge of the watch as found I have become ever so slightly obsessive at checking time -set off and 5minutes in I was already defeated but she kept me going , feel my pace was slightly faster(thinking snail rather than slug today) and managed to complete it -red faced , sweating and gasping for air , and only covered 3.47 k so a fair bit of work still to do -but hey I did it , with a little help.

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Well done you for doing it! What a great friend you have to keep you going! I find going with someone helps me but thats because I don't want to let her beat me lol!

Congrats again =D


Well done! I will be doing that run later - can you send your friend round? I think I'm still at the slug stage - don't think I'm going quite as far as you - but looking out of the window it seems it might be a good day for slugs today, so who knows!


Thanks ladies , Love her coming with me but she's a pro and although she says she'll go at my speed always find myself speeding up a bit so I don't feel like I'm dragging her down. Only 4 more runs - then I think I'll be a bit disappointed as always seemed so far away and was a lot to aim for ,guess I'll have to get on setting new targets.


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