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Week 5 Day 1

My poor legs...they really felt it on this run. Once again I took the route with the hill at the beginning because it lets me cover a good straight distance but I think starting a 5 minute run with an uphill climb is probably not the best of plans at this stage of my running.

I made it through all three runs, but my legs got heavier and heavier and I had to slow the pace a little to finish.

Perhaps I should try pre-run stretches to see if that helps my legs.

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I changed my route w5 to be kinder to myself and cut out the hill at this stage, I can come back to that route later.


Pre-run stretches I found took away any pain but didn't stop the heaviness in my legs from going up hill. Well done you for carrying on!


I just did it today.. it was tough... i was out of breath but finished it with slower pace... finally i did it... i see now my training is paying off... i could barely run 90 in the first week.


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