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I’m back!

Well guys, I am back after a several month(year) break. The first time I started c25k I failed miserably, the workouts were too hard for me (or so I thought). Since then I have lost almost 30lbs (due to being gluten free). I have done my first two days of week one and I am loving it! I take my dog with me for our run. I now find myself being able to run longer than the 60 seconds but I do not want to push it. I just hope it continues to go this well for me…this time I am determined, I have a wedding to get fit for in May!

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Well done for getting out there again. Keep us posted about how things are going - I'm sure you'll find plenty of encouragement here to help you keep going.


Stick with it, the one thing c25k needs is a little bit of determination :-)


Snap I started c25k way back in January and struggled repeated weeks and to be honest thought I couldn't do it. For various reasons in June I gave up.

6 weeks ago I started again . What a difference I have never failed a run and today doing W7R1. I really do think it's more a mental challenge than physical .

Good luck I'm sure you will graduate this time and congratulations on your amazing weight loss


Thank you!


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