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One run to go!

I finally managed to run W9R2 yesterday after almost a two week break from running caused by work and family situations. I was really nervous about it as I'd hardly even run for a bus in that time (though I did manage a wee 7 minute run with the kids at school through the week!). I was so pleased with myself that I was able to keep going for the full 30 minutes, though my pace has suffered a bit since previous runs were a bit faster. If all goes to plan I hope to run my graduation run tomorrow evening - I'm so excited! Can't quite believe I've made it this far.

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GOOD LUCK for tomorrow!


Good luck for tomorrow will look out for your graduation party


Try to set everything up for a good run. My grad run was on a Friday night after a hard week and a meal and was a real slog, which I would have forgotten, had it not had such significance.

Good luck.


Thanks for all the encouragement guys - I'll let you know how I go!


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