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w5r3 done !!!!

Went out late this morning and did w5r3. I was kind of surprise to realise during my warmup walk that I was actually looking forward to it. Its true that much of the challenge is actually mental. About 5 minutes in my brain was going "hey isn't it time to walk for a while" but my legs and my joints and my breathing were fine, so I just kept going. I did have a bit of a stitch all the way round. And I need to remember to stick an extra-strong mint in my pocket next time around, as my mouth got very dry, but I did it !

Feeling very good about it right now !

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And so you should be! That 20 minute run is such a high. You really feel like you've broken through a barrier don't you? Week 6 may feel like a bit of a step backwards but don't be discouraged - it does get better! Well done :-)


Well done! as Jenwrenarm says, don't feel like you are going backwards next week, it's all part of the greater plan to have you running 30 minutes/5K in just a few weeks time :-D


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