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Stumped at the last hurdle by swollen ankles

Finished my week 9 run 2 with a glorious run on a cruise deck (first day of my hols), but the next day I had badly swollen feet and ankles. Doc says no running for a week. Whaaaaat? Feeling very very sad : ( I've been prescribed some sort of diuretic tablet and been told to drink lots. However, I've explored on the net and think it might have been brought on by a) the flight b) underactive thyroid (which I have). Anyone else had this problem?

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What a disappointment for you. I dont have thyroid problem but I do live in a warm climate (assume your cruise is somewhere warm) and despite drinking a lot of water, my fingers swell very easily whenever I go away on hols to another warm country. I think I am saying, travelling and climate can have this effect. Hope it settles down for you and you can to continue to exercise - will need to to counteract effects of food available!! Just got back from a cruise myself and did week 9 during it and graduated! Best wishes F


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